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Our Testimonials

Chris from Relianz was professional, knowledgeable, timely and responsive. I used this company after storm damage and they replaced roof, siding, garage door and window trim. All the while, Chris dealt with the insurance company 100%. Would highly recommend them.

Shannon Cahill

They have done two jobs for me now. Both were fantastic experiences. They replaced my flashing, gutters, and some of my roof. They did a great job and stood by their work. When there were issues, Norbert would always come and check to get it fixed. Their communication can be a bit spotty, but if I call then I get a call back quickly. They also replaced the roof on my porch. It was a great experience and there are no leaks!

Jimmy Vallarta

Relianz did a fantastic job on my house. Approved for a new roof and siding! Did exactly what was said would be done. They handled every step of the way very professionally and were easy to communicate with about any of my concerns. I am very pleased with the final outcome and would recommend Relianz to anyone who needs repairs, roof, and or siding finished the right way. Thank you, Norbert!

Erica Lapiana

They helped my parents get a new roof and siding after they were neglected by their insurance company. The entire experience was pleasant and simple. I would definitely recommend them!!

GMAC Ventures

Very pleasant company to work with. Highly recommended.

Mariusz Prawica

Very pleasant company to work with. Highly recommended.

Greg Maciejewski

They redid my roof and did a very good job. They got the job done fast and I'm very satisfied with everything they did.

Nicole Sojda

 Very professional. Completed all the work very quickly and without any issues. Got my siding and roof approved with my insurance company even though I was denied previously.

Karolina B

Excellent Job. Recommended! 

Wine Boutique

The new roof and gutters have eliminated the water that always came into our garage whenever it rained. The team is very professional and efficient. A pleasure to work with... Thanks, Norbert!

Gia Johnson

Great company, Norbert moves quickly and gets your home fixed quickly! New fence new garage new gutters. Covers your deductible, no better company out there.

Brian Buitrón